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It's the end of something simple and the beginning of everything else.
This is a web site that tells about the cast of  the TV show Dawson's Creek.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Kate Noelle Holmes 12/18/78   A.K.A  Josephine Potter
Eyes:  Brown   Hair:  Brown  Weight:  108  Height:  5'8"
Filmography:  Ice Storm(1997) Disturbing Behavior(1998)
Go(1999)  Teaching Mrs. Tingle(1999)  The GIft(2000)
Wonder Boys(2000) Abandon(2001) Phone Booth(2001)

Josh Jackson 6/11/78  A.K.A  Pacey Whitter
Eyes:  Blue   Hair:  Brown   Height 6'2"  Weight Unknown
Filmography:  Mighty Ducks 1(1992)  Mighty Ducks II (1993)  Digger(1994) Robin of Locksley(1995)
Magic in the Water(1995)  Mighty Ducks III (1996) Scream II (1997)  Ronnie & Julie(1997)
Urban Legend(1998) Apt Pupil (1998) Cruel Intentions (1999)  Urban Legends II(2000)
The Skulls(2000) Gossip(2000)  Lone Star State of Mind (2001) The Payback All Star Revue(2001)
The Safety of Objects(2001)

Michelle Williams 9/9/80  A.K.A  Jennifer Lindley
Eyes:  Brown  Hair:  Blond  Height:  5'4"  Weight 110lbs
Filmography:  Timemaster(1995)  A Thousand Acres(1997)  Killing Mr. Griffin(1997) Halloween H20(1998)
Dick(1999) But I'm a Cheerleader(1999) If These Walls Could Talk II(2000) Perfume(2001) Me WIthout You(2001)

James Van Der Beek  3/8/77 A.K.A Dawson Leary
Eyes: Brown Hair: Blondish Brown  Height 6'2" Weight Unknown
Filmography:  Angus(1994) I Love You, I Love You Not(1996) Varsity Blues(1999) Texas Rangers(2001)

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The Fourth Season Shows Date and Names

Coming Home  October 4, 2000 A Family Way   November 1, 2000 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang  November 29, 2000
Falling Down    October 11, 2000 Great Xpectations November 8, 2000 Self-Reliance December 20, 2000
Two Gentlemen of Capeside   October 18, 2000 You Had Me at Goodbye November 15, 2000 The Tao of Dawson  Janurary 10, 2001
Furture Tense    October 25, 2000 The Unusual Suspects   November 22, 2000 The Te of Pacey  Janurary 17, 2001


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